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78. information.

name: Jade.
age: over 18.
timezone: GMT +10.
availability: I'm a slow tagger. I try to tag at least every night, but there's no guarantee I'll be able to sweep through my entire inbox in one go. if I don't get back to you after two weeks, feel free to give me a gentle nudge as there's a good chance something's come up offline. I'm a backtagger and boomeranger.

where you can reach me:
    PERSONAL DW » this one right here. I use it to post personal things; feel free to add if I know you.
    PLURK » [ profile] bogans
    DISCORD » jaded#0421
    FICTION » [community profile] firesale / AO3
    ICONS » [community profile] shithouse
    MUSEBOX » [community profile] pivot

where you can find me:

rp habits
    tagging speed: my tagging speed is variable, but I'm usually a medium-slow tagger. I tag when I can, but rely primarily on backtagging, and will keep threads going for months until they either dwindle into small talk or are fully completed.

    I try to tag things at least once every few days. usually when I'm in dry spells this will take longer. please poke me if I take too long. I generally keep everyone up to date on my plurk if things are going a little haywire offline and this is interrupting my tagging time.

    handwaving: I generally prefer to thread things out. however, I'm happy to handwave minor interactions. but please do not assume my character did x or y without asking me.

    dropping threads: I only drop threads that end up consisting of small talk. that said, if you don't get a reply to a thread that's important for you, please poke me! there's a good chance I may have misunderstood its importance on my half, and will gladly pick it up once again for you. (but there's a good chance it's in my queue to be tagged, anyway!)

    sometimes I also accidentally archive things due to technological fail with my phone marking some emails as read, and considering how I've set up my inbox and how I tag, I may end up believing I've replied to it already. please don't hesitate to check up on that.

    please also note: give me 5 days to reply to a tag before following up.

    ships: I am happy to develop a ship with you as long as we can slowly build it! I dislike rushing into things. that said, please respect the fact I may be building ships that are determined to be endgame with others. if you're happy to have a relationship that doesn't quite pan out, I'm happy to plot it with you! I like M/F and F/F.

    smut: I prefer to have a dialogue with you; it's important it's consensual. players must be over 18.

    negative cr: I highly encourage this! I play some antagonistic characters, so I really thrive off of having people to snark at. please know that ooc doesn't equal ic, however!

    action spam and prose: I like either! if we're doing a brackets thread, feel free to change to prose at anytime! I will happily follow suit. but please know I have a slight preference for prosing with people I feel I have great writing chemistry with.

    plotting: I really love to plot with people. I prefer having goals, rather than flying by the seat of my pants. if there's something you'd like to do with me, always feel free to send me a message! I'll never say no.

    that said, please don't come to me wanting to plot and say "anything!" I only like plotting with people who will brainstorm with me and give as good as they get — it's best if you have something minor in mind!

    on contact: I will give my email on request, but I prefer to not correspond via it because I lose things in my inbox if it's not a pm. feel free to pm character accounts. the best way to contact me, though, is via plurk with a private message or discord. I have private plurks enabled to receive from those who are not on my list. please ask if you want my aim.

plurk: [ profile] bogans
    content: my plurk is mostly made up of rp and game statuses, signal boosting my posts, and some rl things. I mark these statuses accordingly.

    that said, I don't necessarily post every rp thing on my plurk, such as posts, plotting comments, etc. I do prefer to plot one on one, and you can find me either in a private plurk or on discord.

    I do rl updates when I think my rp will be affected. I try to keep the rl down to a minimum, but please be aware I do use it for rl and not strictly rp, and wish for my privacy to be respected. I prefer to talk in other's plurks.

    policy: feel free to add me if we're in a game together or have ever interacted outside of a game! I like to have a small list of people I talk to about rp or about other things.

    if I remove you, or you me, and we come together later, I'm happy to re-add you. if you have no intentions on engaging with me, either in rp or personally, please feel free to remove me at any time. if you have no information on your profile, I'm less likely to add you.